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Afina is a well established system integrator and total IT solutions provider which are adaptive, scalable and cost effective to raise the client competitive edge, streamline operation and enable global business.

Having strong technical advice and successful case references over the last 13 years, we have developed real-life technology solutions to help customers grow their businesses and reduce IT costs.

We offer complete full-service solutions for the large corporations and SME with specialization in IT Solutions Consulting Service, Industrial Solutions and Service, Server & Storage Development or Consolidation, IT infrastructure Solutions, Business Productivity Solutions and Professional Services, e-Mail & Messaging, System Integration and Professional Services, Virtualization, Security, Communications, Network Infrastructure Design & implementation, Enterprise Backup and Archiving and Disaster Recovery & High Availability.

For minimizing the cost and maximizing the return of investment, Afina shall study your requirement in detail and having full picture about your needs before any our professional recommendations.

1. Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Server Consolidation – consolidate the old /low efficiency servers to fitted technology
  • Storage Consolidation – centralize the storage capacity
  • Data Loss Protection and Security – Enterprise Storage, Backup, Archive, Tape Library, D2D Backup, Backup Software
  • Client Consolidation – consolidates or provides Thin Client or Virtual PC
  • Disaster Recovery, Data Replication – Site to Site replication
  • High Availability, Clustering – Microsoft Cluster Solution, Redhat Cluster Solution
  • System Management – Insight Manager Tool with Remote Edition
  • Email, Messaging, Archiving – MS Exchange


2. Industry Solution:

  • Medical Equipment – Medical Grade Server (Fault Tolerance Machines), Workstation (High Performance) and LCD Monitor (High Quality)
  • Media Industrial Equipment – Media Storage (High I/O), Workstation (Powerful Video Display Output) and LCD Monitor (High Quality)
  • Radio Equipment – Certificated Environment Server and Workstation (EMC, Environmental Certificated)
  • ISA and many PCI slot Equipment
  • Ports Connection Equipment


3. Networking Solution:

  • Design and implementation of WAN, LAN, VPN, Firewall
  • Network and System Security
  • Network and System Management
  • Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Wireless Network Solutions


4. Visualization Infrastructure:

  • IT optimization
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Test & development
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Legacy application and operating system support


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