Virtual Box Appliances

All build in a Box

  • Solution Design by Afina Data
  • Powered by HPE Equipment
  • System by Container
  • Managed and Service by Afina Data Systems

Support Platform

  • Unix Platform : HP-UNIX, HP DEC, Sun Solaris
  • Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Windows 7

All build in a Box Redundancy

  • Easy for Resilience by adding one more Appliance
  • Single License for redundant module
  • Active Production and Hot Production Design
  • Zero Downtime (less than 3 pings)

Service Level Commitment

  • 99.9999% availability for service

Virtual Box Expansion

  • Start from one unit
  • Redundancy in Dual module
  • Up to 4 Stack farm for high processing

System Connection

  • Simple Ethernet connection
  • At least 10Gbps in Heartbeat connection
  • 1Gbps data connection

Data Solutions

Design future state environments that increase service, decrease costs and mitigate risks:

  • Assess your current storage, backup and DR environment.
  • Identify gaps and create roadmap to bridge.
  • Design your current and future infrastructure.

Plan, execute and remediate the movement of customer data from source systems to destination:

  • Compatible: Advanced migration solutions.
  • Multi-System, Automation.
  • Data resiliency.

Unify products with customers’ unique systems, applications, data and tools:

  • Integration of Coverged Infrastructure products into your unique environment.

Monitoring Tools

On and Off premises - IT as a service

Infrastructure as a services (IaaS)

  • Server (powered by HPE)
  • Storage (powered by HPE)
  • Network (Powered by Ruckus)

Platform as a services (PaaS)

  • Backup as a services.
  • Archive as a services.
  • System monitoring as a services.

Data Center Outsourcing.

Managed Service.

Consumption-based Service Cloud service.

Service coverage area Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, Myanmar, Guam.

  • Provision of setup, deployment , installation.
  • ongoing support service.
  • System monitoring as a services (powered by ManageEngine).

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Reduce data center footprint

  • Lowers upfront costs.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Eliminates OPEX.
  • Avoids endless refresh cycles.

Private and Secure Instant Messaging System

Private and Secure Instant Messaging System :

  • Enterprise messaging system integrated with exchange.
  • Support sending out 400 message in 4 seconds.
  • Support Messaging encryption.
  • Fully redundant design and sending path.
  • Multiple message gateway plug-in or service provider.
  • Two Factor authentication plug-in.
  • Client support Android device, IOS device and Windows Desktop.

The world fastest AI Computing solution

Nvidia DGX-2 AI Server :

Work with LSCM Professor and Nvidia to deploy DGX-2 in translation code project.

  • Solve Artificial intelligence Challenges.
  • Deep Learning and modeling.
  • Bring the calculation from 2 months to 5 minutes.
  • Challenges : share DGX-2 resources.